‘Easy to Borrow, Hard to Repay’: Credit and Debt in Ho Chi Minh City’s Sex Industry

Rapport de Recherche, 2020, Ho Chi Minh Ville: Alliance Anti-Trafic Vietnam (avec Nguyên Vu Thuy Quynh, Lê Bui Thao Uyên, Georges Blanchard)

This study examines the inner workings of credit and debt in the sex industry in Ho Chi Minh City, the megalopolis of Southern Vietnam. It argues that credit is widely available to financially excluded sex workers, but that this availability comes with tight constraints. As one sex worker put it bluntly, ‘it is easy to […]

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A Foot In and a Foot Out: Sex Migration of Vietnamese Women to Singapore

Rapport de recherche, 2011, Ho Chi Minh Ville: Alliance Anti-Trafic Vietnam

This study addresses the migration of Vietnamese migrant entertainers to Singapore. The recruitment process reveals a complex network of exchange that links the Vietnamese operators within Singapore with the migrant entertainers in Vietnam. This informal and clientelist network is composed of migration brokers and their long-standing customers who introduce and assist new customers in the […]

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Transacted Children and Virginity: Ethnography of Ethnic Vietnamese in Phnom Penh

Rapport de recherche, 2011, Ho Chi Minh Ville: Alliance Anti-Trafic Viêt Nam

The objective of this study was to confirm the hypothesis that Southern Vietnamese women no longer migrate to Cambodia for prostitution. Preliminary investigations in the capital rapidly confirmed that nowadays the majority of the Vietnamese women involved in commercial sex are Vietnamese who are resident in Cambodia and not new economic migrants from Southern Vietnam. […]

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Prostitution Mobility and Representations: The Case of Vietnamese Prostitutes going to Cambodia

Rapport de recherche, 2011, Ho Chi Minh Ville: Alliance Anti-Trafic

This study, based on 18 months’ fieldwork in the Mekong Delta, addresses the issue of women’s cross-border mobility for the aim of prostitution between Southern Vietnam and Cambodia. The goal is to update existing research carried out in Cambodia in the late 1990s by Western researchers commissioned by aid organizations, and to bring a Vietnamese […]

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